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Fill in the form and print a copy before you click the "Submit" button. The form must be signed by your BA and embossed, then faxed, mailed, or brought to OSL to complete the order. Click the "Submit" button to send your information to OSL so they can start processing your order in advance

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Each School/Center identifies one person (or group, such as an IT Support Group) to manage the licenses and distribute the license key to the School/Center's license holders. Please contact us if you need help identifying your Contact Person.

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IdentityFinder 3 New Lic. Ent.Ed. (incl console) includes Maint to Nov. 2014.

$28.25 ea

IdentityFinder 3 Maint. Renewal from Nov. 2013 to Nov. 2014 (incl console).

$6.50 ea

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NOTES: A budget number must be included with all orders. For further information, click the Budget Code link below.
For UPHS Orders using Object Code 1520, a Lawson Number must be entered. Activity Code is optional.

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