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Microsoft Select Volume License Program

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The Microsoft Select Program is a volume license agreement that allows departments to purchase Microsoft products at the discounted Select prices. This program replaces the Microsoft Open License Program ("MOLP") at Penn.

Advantages of Microsoft Select:

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Easier Installation of Multiple Licenses
  • Provisions for Home Use
  • "Instant" Fulfillment



Only departments of the University of Pennsylvania and departments of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania are eligible to participate in the Microsoft Select Volume License Program.

How to Purchase

Microsoft Select Licenses and License-Plus-Software-Assurance are available through the Computer Connection. Click here for Pricing and Purchasing details.


Program Components

  • Select Licenses
    Purchasing a license permits you to run one copy of the version licensed on one computer. Additional licenses can be purchased for other systems in your department. CD media will be necessary for the initial installation of the new Select license.

  • Select Media
    CD media is purchased separately from the license, and only one copy is needed for multiple installations. The Select media may be used only with Select licenses.

  • Select License Plus Software Assurance
    When purchasing a new license, you have the option to purchase Software Assurance at the same time. This option allows you to upgrade to any future version of that product released before July 31, 2015.

  • Provisions for Home Use
    Some of the products that are licensed through the Select Program may be used at home under specific conditions. Click here for details.

Product Listings

Clicking the links below will display the list of popular Microsoft products.

Standard Select Licenses
For users wthout existing software or licenses.

New License Plus Software Assurance
For users who want to purchase a Standard Select License and want the ability to upgrade to a new release before July 31, 2012.

CD Media
Microsoft Select media is needed to install any Microsoft product that has been licensed through Penn's Select program. A single set of media can be used to install any number of purchased licenses of a given product/version. New CD Media must be purchased for Software Assurance and Upgrade Advantage licenses to install a new version when it is released.


Terms and Conditions for Use of Microsoft Select Licenses

The Terms and Conditions listed here represent a distillation of key components of the University's Microsoft Select Agreement. The complete Agreement governs the program in all cases.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see your question on the FAQ, or would like general advice regarding what licensing options make sense for you, please call or email the Office of Software Licensing.

To contact the Office of Software Licensing, e-mail, call 215-573-3587, or fax 215-573-4021. Visit our office at Sansom Place East, Suite 119, from 1:00pm - 5pm, Monday - Friday.