BEN Financials Information For Providers

BEN Financials requires users to have web client software on their desktops. You can obtain the software and instructions for updating desktops at the locations listed below.

Contacts and Questions

For technical questions, end users should contact their Local Support Provider. Local Support Providers should contact ISC’s ProDesk, 215/573-4017 or Important technical updates and information for LSPs about BEN will be posted to the LSP-ADSYS listserv. Subscription information is available here. All LSPs supporting BEN users are encouraged to subscribe.

Additional Support

BEN Financials

For general questions about the BEN Project, including BEN Financials, write to

Users who need help using BEN Financials should be referred to the BEN Helps support service at 6-HELP (215/746-8357). They need to enter a School or Center code to reach their Financial Support Provider (FSP). Codes are listed on the BEN Helps information page.

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Date Posted: March 26, 2013 Tags: Provider Resource

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