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These are popular backup solutions used by LSPs to back up user data. The software packages listed are known for their robustness, features, and/or ease of use.

With Backup Exec, Symantec offers a variety of data backup solutions for Windows, Unix, Linux, and Netware Servers. With the appropriate license, Backup Exec can also be used to remotely backup systems. The application has the capability to backup to a variety of media (including DVD, hard drives, tape, etc). A number of technical support options are available from Symantec with the purchase of an appropriate support contract.


Backup Exec is commercial software available from Symantec.

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Roxio's Retrospect is a suite of backup applications that can be used to create automated backups of desktops, notebooks, or servers depending on the license purchased. Retrospect provides an easy, flexible way to automate backup tasks to a variety of media (including DVD, hard drives, tape, etc).

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Retrospect is commercially available software from Roxio.

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Apple's Time Machine is an application included with Mac OS 10.5.x and later, and provides a seamless backup solution for a user's data to a removable volume (external hard drive or network volume).


Time Machine is included in all versions of OS X from 10.5.x and later.

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