Supported Product's Firefox is a University supported web browser for Windows and OS X.

Note: Many schools and units have standardized on the use of specific applications and operating systems. Faculty and staff should speak to their local support provider to determine which products are supported locally before selecting or purchasing software.

Important notes:

  • For more information on the specific desktop environment requirements for systems such as BEN Financials, the University's budget planning applications (Oracle EPM/Hyperion), and Webi/Business Objects, please see the¬†Desktop Requirements for Administrative Systems Users¬†article.
  • Firefox versions 4 and above automatically update to the latest available version of Firefox, while Firefox esr automatically updates to the latest available version. ISC strongly suggests allowing these update processes to complete.

Windows compatibility

Firefox versions 39 and above (along with Firefox 38esr) function correctly in Windows 10.

OS X compatibility

Firefox versions 31 and above function correctly in OS X Yosemite.



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Date Posted: March 14, 2013 Tags: Provider Resource, Supported Product, Web

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