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Apple's QuickTime is recommended software for viewing files that contain graphics, sound, video, text, and music. QuickTime also allows you to view movies and QuickTime VR (Virtual Reality) panoramas and objects directly in your Web browser window, enabled by a Web browser plug-in.


QuickTime is freeware; it is available from Apple's QuickTime web pages for Windows (it is included with OS X).


Instructions are included with the software.

Related resources

QuickTime 7.7 and QuickTime X are on the supported products list.

Important note: All versions of QuickTime 7.1 or above automatically prompt for an update to the latest available and most secure version of QuickTime 7.x, currently 7.7.2. Information Systems & Computing (ISC) strongly suggests allowing this update process to complete.

QuickTime 7.1 for the OS X was the first version of QuickTime with Universal support.

Windows 7 compatibility

QuickTime versions 7.6.4 and above functions correctly in Windows 7.

OS X compatibility

QuickTime X 10.1 ships with and functions correctly in OS X Mountain Lion.

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Date Posted: March 20, 2013 Tags: Provider Resource, Supported Product, Media Player

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