ISC Exchange Email Service

Information Systems and Computing runs a Microsoft Exchange 2010 server to provide groupware (email, contact, and calendaring) functionality to organizations across campus.

Service Home

Recommended and supported groupware clients for ISC's Exchange service include:

Compatible mobile platforms include:

To view your ISC Exchange-hosted e-mail and calendar, visit

Note that only Outlook Web Access Light is available if you are using any other supported browser other than Internet Explorer (e.g. Firefox 2.x, Safari). Outlook Web Access Light offers fewer features than regular Outlook Web Access.

Use Internet Explorer 6 or later for regular Outlook Web Access.

Accessing a shared calendar in Outlook Web Access

To view a shared calendar to which you have been given access, visit the following URL:

where username is the name of the account or resource to be accessed. Note that in the subsequent login page, enter your Exchange credentials (your Exchange username and password).

If you can't access the desired shared calendar, ensure you've been given access by the account owner to do so.

Determining if an issue is client- or server-related

Using Outlook Web Access is a good starting point to troubleshoot Exchange issues.  In general, it is safe to assume that if an Exchange user cannot send or receive email, nor edit calendar entries using Outlook or Entourage, but can perform those tasks using Outlook Web Access that the problem resides in the installation or configuration of the local Outlook or Entourage client.

Conversely, if an Exchange user cannot send or receive email, nor edit calendar entries using Outlook or Entourage on either his or her local client OR Outlook Web Access, the problem most likely resides on the server.

However, prior to concluding that the issue is server-related, LSPs should restart the desktop of the affected user, and then relaunch the client. This will ensure that only a single instance of outlook.exe or Entourage is running on the client machine. If the problem persists, LSPs should route the issue to ProDesk (for the ISC Exchange Service) so they can enlist the help of ISC Networking Services group.

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Date Posted: June 19, 2013 Tags: Essentials, Service, Mail

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