2008 Evaluation Team Overview: Client-Centric Cloud Computing

The Client-Centric Cloud Computing evaluation team took a preliminary look at cloud computing from a user perspective, focusing on a set of technologies that were expected to increase in importance for many of the University's constituents over the next few years. Some of the the applications and services that were considered for investigation included Adobe's Acrobat.com and AIR, Google's Chrome and Docs, Microsoft's Live, and Yahoo's Zimbra Desktop.

The goal of this evaluation was not to choose a specific application and service suite, but rather to assess the current generation of products and to consider the implications (support, security, privacy, etc.) of broader adoption of these products by Penn faculty, staff, and students.

Specific deliverables included testing against the University's supported operating systems and web browsers, evaluation of available technologies, investigation of legal and support issues, and advisory information on how the team expected the user-centric cloud computing landscape to change over the next few years and what that may mean for Penn.

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Date Posted: June 28, 2013

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