2008 Evaluation Team Report: Instant Messaging Client

Executive Summary

The 2008 Instant Messaging Client evaluation team was charged with evaluating current secure instant messaging clients.

Specific deliverables included testing against the University's central Jabber server and other campus Jabber servers as appropriate based on team interest, along with evaluation of the user interface and ease of configuration.


The evaluation team elected to recommend only University supported clients (as opposed to "Recommended and Supported") as this was Penn's first formal evaluation of IM technology.   The team concluded that there would be significant change and development in the IM world in the coming year and recommend another IM Evaluation team next year to assess the current status of the field and make further recommendations.

Supported clients:

  • MacOS X: Adium and iChat
  • Windows: Pidgin
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Date Posted: June 28, 2013

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