Configuring an AppleTV for use with AirPennNet

While the AppleTV is not ready for use with AirPennNet out of the box, Apple has made available a method to connect the AppleTV to 802.1x networks using their Apple Configurator tool.


  1. A second- or third-generation AppleTV running at least version 5.1 of the AppleTV OS
  2. A Macintosh running at least OS 10.7.5, connected to the Internet
  3. A copy of Apple Configurator (downloadable from the Macintosh App Store)
  4. A Micro-USB cable

Configuration Steps

  1. Open with a browser on your Macintosh.
  2. Accept the Policy on Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources and click the Start Button.
  3. Click “Manual Install” on the next page if necessary.
  4. On the next page, select “Apple iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch,” click on the link to start XpressConnect, and select your affiliation.
  5. The profile will be downloaded and you will be prompted to install it. Click Cancel, and then Quit the System Preferences.
  6. Open Apple Configurator, and click the “Prepare” tab.
  7. On the Settings page, enter “AirPennNet” under “Name:” Make sure that you have the name spelled exactly right, as this determines what SSID the AppleTV will search for.
  8. Ensure that “Supervision:” is set to Off, “iOS” is set to “No Change” and “Restore” is set to “Don’t Restore Backup”
  9. Click on the “+” symbol below “Profiles” and select “Import Profile…”
  10. Select the profile that you downloaded from AirPennNet-Help, which will be either “iphone_2897.mobileconfig” (for a Student profile) or “iphone_2918.mobileconfig” (for Faculty/Staff)
  11. Click the checkbox added to the new profile, and then double-click the profile name.
  12. Click on the “Wi-fi” option in the left pane, and on the right pane, scroll down and enter your PennKey and password in the “Username” and “Password” fields respectively. Leave all other options unchanged, and click “Save.”
  13. With Apple Configurator still open, connect your Macintosh to the AppleTV using your Micro-USB cable, and click the “Prepare” button. Your Macintosh must be connected to the Internet at this point, and your AppleTV turned on.
  14. The configuration will be pushed to the AppleTV. You should now be able to connect to the AirPennNet network. Note: The first time you do this it may take 10 minutes or more to push the profile, if any necessary iOS files need to be downloaded from Apple.


If you receive connection error -369033213 when trying to access AirPennNet from your AppleTV, your AppleTV may have been unable to set its date and time correctly and defaulted to a date of 1/1/1969, which will cause a certificate error. If this happens, you will need to temporarily connect your AppleTV to the Internet via the wired network and restart it so that it can set the date correctly.

Take care not to set “iOS version” to “Latest” instead of “No Change” using the Apple Configurator. If you opt to set your iOS version to “Latest,” Apple Configurator will attempt to download and push a version of iOS meant for other devices to your AppleTV. If this happens, you may need to reset your AppleTV to its factory settings.

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Date Posted: July 1, 2013

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