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BlackBerry announced a new OS (BB 10) as well as their new hardware, the full touchscreen Z10 and the thumb keyboard enabled Q10 in January 2013. More details can be found in the Technology Brief: Blackberry 10. As of September 2013, ISC will no longer provide the BES (BlackBerry Exchange Server) service, which is required for email synchronization on older BlackBerry devices (such as the Bold, Curve, Torch, etc). We recommend that owners of such devices upgrade to etiher the newer BlackBerry devices, which support Exchange Activesync, or an alternative such as an iPhone or Android-based device.


BlackBerry devices running the BlackBerry OS have the best security of any platform, featuring FIPS certification, robust encryption in over- the- air transmission of messages for BES-connected devices, full device encryption, and strict adherence to security policies. BlackBerry devices are strongly recommended for any users who interact with sensitive information on their mobile devices.

ISC mail

BlackBerry 10 OS devices (such as the Z10 and Q10) are ActiveSync capable. Email, contact syncing, and calendaring are present and work with most common features via Exchange ActiveSync. Folders are browsable, and conversations can be grouped by threads. Older BlackBerry devices, those that run the BlackBerry OS 7.x or older, must be connected via the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. However, since ISC is discontinuing BES functionality as of September 2013, older BlackBerry devices will be unable to send or receive messages through the ISC mail servers. 


BlackBerry OS 10 devices can connect using the manual configuration (TTLS/PAP) method. BlackBerry OS 7 devices do not support TTLS/PAP and do not work on AirPennNet. 

PennNet Phone voicemail attachments

BlackBerry devices can play back VoIP voicemail received on the device via email.

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Date Posted: June 6, 2013 Tags: Mobile, Operating Systems, BlackBerry, New and Noteworthy

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