Enabling Exchange ActiveSync (EAS)

ISC's Microsoft Exchange and Zimbra email servers support Over the Air (OTA) synchronization with compatible devices. All users connecting a mobile device to the Exchange or Zimbra servers must sign the Terms of Service Agreement. Perform the following steps in order:

  1. The account administrator (usually the LSP) must go to the Account Management application and enable ActiveSync (or 'Mobile Sync' for Zimbra). Account Management is here for Exchange and here for Zimbra.
  2. The Account Management application will send an email to the user requesting that they go into Account Services and sign the agreement. The ability to sign the agreement will only appear in Account Services if there is an outstanding request for a signature. Account Services is here for Exchange and here for Zimbra.
  3. Once the user has signed the agreement, an email will be sent to the account administrator who initiated the request. If the request was for ActiveSync, it will be enabled as soon as the agreement is signed.
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Date Posted: June 6, 2013 Tags: Exchange, Zimbra, Mobile, ActiveSync

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