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Windows Phone 8 is a significantly more feature-rich, enterprise-friendly release than Windows Phone 7 devices. As of May 2013, Windows Phone has taken great strides towards establishing itself as the third place contender in the mobile market.


Windows Phone devices obey required Exchange ActiveSync security policies and remote wipe commands. Windows Phone does not currently support encryption at the platform level, and all data on the device can be browsed via USB if it is lost or stolen.

ISC mail

Windows Phone devices are ActiveSync capable. Email, calendar, and contact management are present with folders browsing and conversation threading. Mail present on the device can be searched. Calendar invitations can be received, though invitations can only be sent to recognized contacts. 


Windows Phone 7.x/8.x devices do not support 802.1X/TTLS/PAP, so they are not compatible with AirPennNet. Microsoft has not indicated when they may support this protocol.

PennNet Phone voicemail attachments

Windows Phone 7 devices with the NoDo update and later can play back VoIP voicemail received on the device via email; however, email is played back via the device's internal speaker and not the earpiece.

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Date Posted: June 6, 2013 Tags: Mobile, Operating Systems, Windows Phone

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