Benchmarking Notebook Battery Life


The Purpose of this testing procedure is to determine average battery life during normal usage of a laptop. ISC uses this procedure to make better recommendations on purchasing guidelines.


  1.     Fully charge the notebook battery before beginning the test. If the battery is not completely charged skewed results will be yielded.
  2.     While still powered through an AC adapter power on the system.
  3.     Upgrade Adobe Flash to the most current version.
  4.     Open a web-browser and navigate to the test video This video will loop continuously in order to simulate usage.
  5.     Prep the System
         •Mute the computer speakers
         •Maximize screen brightness
         •Fullscreen the test video
         •Either Pick the windows balanced power profile or the default manufacturer's power profile. Do not leave it in high performance mode. 
  6.     Record the time as you unplug the AC adapter. Be sure to let the system run until it turns off on it's own. It is not neccessary to watch the system or time it during this time.
  7.     After it has completely drained the battery, plug the system back in to the AC adapter.
  8.     Power on the system and log in as usual.
  9.     For Windows
         •Open a windows command prompt and enter the command eventvwr.msc.
         •Navigate to Windows Logs>System
         •Select Create Custom View from the Action Menu.
         •Replace <All Event IDs> with 6008, this will sort out unexpected system shutdowns. (Some systems may sleep instead of shutdown, in this case use event id 42.) 
  10.     For Mac
         •Open Console under Applications>Utilities
         •Select Show Log List
         •Select All Messages
         •Enter System SafeSleep into the filter bar 
  11.     Find the first event after you started the test and subtract the difference between the start time and the event time to get the total time the system ran before shutdown. 
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Date Posted: April 18, 2013 Tags: Technical Info, Provider Resource, Battery, Notebook

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