Lenovo Recalls ThinkPad Batteries Citing Fire Hazard

On March 27, 2014, Lenovo announced the recall of certain notebook batteries (specifically, lithium-ion battery packs) due to a fire hazard risk due to overheating. Lenovo will offer customers free-of-charge replacements for all recalled battery packs. Lenovo is advising customers with batteries matching the recall criteria to turn off the system, remove the battery, and only power the ThinkPad by plugging in the AC adapter and power cord until a replacement battery is received.

Affected ThinkPads sold in the United States include:

    • Edge 11, Edge 13, Edge 14 Series
    • T410, T420, T510, W510 Series
    • X100e, X120e, X200, X201, X201s Series

These ThinkPads shipped between October 2010 and April 2011. Recalled battery packs can be identified through part numbers starting with the fourth digit on a white sticker below the bar code. The identifiable numbers are:

    • 42T4695
    • 42T4711
    • 42T4798
    • 42T4804
    • 42T4812
    • 42T4822
    • 42T4828
    • 42T4834
    • 42T4840
    • 42T4890

Lenovo has also created an automated tool to help end users determine if they have batteries affected by the recall.

Lenovo is prepared to dispatch a replacement battery upon the receipt of the replacement order. A Lenovo FAQ on this recall is located here.

University and Lenovo data leads us to believe that our vulnerability to this particular recall is relatively low and would be concentrated around the ThinkPad T410 and T420. To provide the University with a more complete picture of our vulnerability to this recall, please emailĀ John Mulhern, III if you find any ThinkPad batteries that are included in this recall.

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Date Posted: March 28, 2014

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