AirPennNet-Help and XpressConnect Troubleshooting for Android Devices

On August 13, 2014, Cloudpath released a new update of XpressConnect, version 5.0.115. The Android app for 5.0.115 was subsequently published the following day. Initial testing has shown that this new version breaks functionality with AirPennNet on several different editions of Android OS. For this reason, we strongly suggest using the previous version of XpressConnect, 5.0.110, which is currently available from Penn's servers when connecting to AirPennNet-Help. You can verify the version of XpressConnect that you are using by checking your Android device's Application Manager. If you have failed to connect to AirPennNet on an Android device using version 5.0.115, you may need to clear out your settings before reconnecting using XpressConnect version 5.0.110:

  1. Open WiFi Settings
    1. Forget both AirPennNet and AirPennNet-Help (hold to display the 'forget' option)
  2. Open Security Settings
    1. Allow "Unknown Sources"
    2. Select "Clear credentials" at the bottom of the screen. (Skip this step if "Clear credentials" is greyed out)
  3. Uninstall XpressConnect
  4. Reboot the phone
  5. Connect to AirPennNet-Help
  6. Open a browser
    1. Download the XpressConnect version from Penn's servers by selecting "Click here to install the XpressConnect app from the Penn's servers"
      1. This will install XpressConnect 5.0.110
  7. Run the installer
  8. Open a browser
    1. Select "Click on this link to be walked through the configuration of your Android device"
  9. Follow the wizard to connect
  10. Open Security Settings, uncheck "Unknown sources"

If the procedure provided above does not resolve your connection issues, please reference these manual configuration instructions.

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Date Posted: August 20, 2014 Tags: AirPennNet, Android, XpressConnect

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