XpressConnect Support Files

XpressConnect support files provide some extremely useful information for a Local Support Provider, ISC Staff, and the vendors of SecureW2 and XpressConnect if necessary. The contents overview below is taken from a Windows machine, but similar data appears in a similar order depending on the OS.

Contents of a Support File

Device data:

  • Device manufacturer
  • Device model
  • Computer name

User data:

  • PennKey User Name

Operating system data: 

  • Operating System Version (ex Mac OS 10.6.x, Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit, etc.)
  • Operating System patch level (ex Service Pack 3, 10.6.6, etc.)
  • Language pack numeric code

Security Information:

  • Antivirus State (reported from Windows Security Center)
  • Firewall State
  • Windows Update State

Network and Adapter Information:

List of network devices/state

  • List of configuration of network devices
  • Registry keys of each network device/associated drivers and software.
  • DNS configuration
  • Output of an ipconfig /all or ifconfig
  • Routing tables

Computer State:

  • Enumerated list of services/their state at the time XpressConnect ran.

Network Adapter and Service Details:

  • Driver names
  • Versions of Drivers

Certificate Data:

  • List of root CAs by Cert Blob.

Installed Applications:

  • List of installed applications.

XpressConnect Information:

  • Configuration XML (you will see data for every device XpressConnect is set up to configure)
  • URL of XpressConnect Server
  • SecureW2 version

Log File:

  • Output of what happened as XpressConnect ran on the specific device and the result of each attempted action or query.
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Date Posted: May 25, 2013 Tags: Technical Info, Provider Resource, Wireless

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