Updates Available for Flash Player Vulnerabilities (2/5/2014)

On Tuesday, February 4, 2014, Adobe issued updates to Adobe Flash Player to fix multiple security vulnerabilities. These updated versions are strongly recommended for all previous versions of Adobe Flash Player on both Windows and OS X.

Adobe believes that the issues fixed by this update are now being exploited on Windows and OS X systems in the wild. Information Systems & Computing (ISC) strongly suggests that all users of Adobe Flash Player update to version as soon as possible.


For users in unmanaged environments, ISC suggests considering the use of Adobe's automatic update for Flash Player. This update check, available for Windows and OS X, can either alert the user to the availability of an update or automatically update the installed version of Flash Player.

Google Chrome (Windows and OS X) and Internet Explorer 10/11 (Windows 7/8.x) manage and update their Flash Player instances from within the browser.


Adobe's security bulletin on these vulnerabilities is located here:

The direct download link for Adobe Flash Player is located here:

The Supported Products page for Adobe Flash Player has related information at:

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Date Posted: February 5, 2014 Tags: Information Security and Privacy

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