Important note: BEN Application users should refer to the BEN Desktop Standards Document for information about text-based network access clients that have been approved for use with BEN.

OpenText's HostExplorer is the University's supported and recommended Kerberos Telnet and TN 3270 client for Windows PCs with connections to PennNet. HostExplorer is also a supported product for VT100 terminal emulation.

This version of HostExplorer has been configured to include profiles for many of the University's text-based application servers. It contains the secure profiles necessary to connect to the University's mainframe applications (SRS, SRFS, PR) on to meet the security requirements that were implemented on December 1, 2009.

Windows compatibility

HostExplorer 14.0.10 and above function correctly in Windows 8.


HostExplorer is site licensed at Penn and is available free of charge to members of the Penn community. HostExplorer is available for download using your PennKey and password.

Download HostExplorer

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Date Posted: March 18, 2013 Tags: Provider Resource, Supported Product, Terminal

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