AirPennNet for the Kindle Fire

While unsupported, the Kindle Fire will work on AirPennNet with following instructions. Devices not yet on AirPennNet may not have access to the Amazon App Store to install XpressConnect. As such, users can follow these instructions to get a Kindle Fire on AirPennNet.

  1. In Settings, Device, select Allow Installation of Applications from Unknown Sources.
  2. Join AirPennNet-Help
  3. Open the browser and go to a URL that isn't visited regularly. The XpressConnect page will come up. Install the XpressConnect via the link that allows you to install it from the site.
  4. Return to the browser and continue the usual XpressConnect process.
  5. In Settings, Device, deselect Allow Installation of Applications from Unknown Sources.

The XpressConnect application will remain installed and the device should now be able to connect to AirPennNet like any other device.

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Date Posted: April 5, 2013 Tags: Technical Info, Provider Resource, Wireless, Android

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