AirPennNet for the Nook Tablet

While unsupported, the Nook Tablet will sometimes work on AirPennNet with following instructions. Recent device software updates have made the process more difficult, though devices running older versions of the Nook software will continue to work. The XpressConnect app is not available in the Barnes & Noble app market. As such, users can follow these instructions to get a Nook Tablet on AirPennNet. An SD card must be installed in the device for the following instructions to work. These instructions functioned as of Nook Tablet software version 1.4.0

Please note: In ISC's testing, the Nook Tablet behaved inconsistently, and would frequently react different ways to the same actions. ISC does not guarantee these directions will work. Initial setup of the device must be done on a non-AirPennNet network such as a home Wi-Fi connection or mobile device hotspot. The Captive Portal behavior on the Nook Tablet frequently does not behave properly on AirPennNet-Guest.


  1. Join AirPennNet-Help. Open the browser, bypassing the window that appears warning of Connection troubles
  2. Visit if it doesn't appear automatically.
  3. In the Alternate method section, tap Click here to install the XpressConnect app. The XpressConnect app will be downloaded.
  4. In the bottom left corner, select the downloaded icon, then select XpressConnect.apk
  5. Tap the Use by default for this action box, then select Package Installer
  6. An Install blocked window will appear. Select the Settings button.
  7. In the following Application settings menu, select Allow Installation of non-Market applications.
  8. Select OK in the Attention box that appears.
  9. In the bottom left corner, select the downloaded icon again, then select XpressConnect.apk
  10. Complete the installation of XpressConnect, then select Done, not Open
  11. Return to the browser and continue the usual XpressConnect process by selecting Click on this link be walked through the configuration of your Android device.


The XpressConnect application will remain installed and the device should now be able to connect to AirPennNet like any other device.

Also note: The device may not automatically reconnect if it is powered off and then powered back on. You should turn wireless off after the restart and turn it back on to re-establish connectivity. This is an issue because the SD card is inaccessible until after the wireless begins to attempt the connection (which fails because it won't be able to read the certificates stored on the SD Card).

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Date Posted: April 5, 2013 Tags: Technical Info, Provider Resource, Wireless, Android

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