About the Client Services Group

Client Services Group

Technology Support Services
Information Systems & Computing

A part of Information Systems & Computing's Technology Support Services unit, the Client Services Group (CSG), provides a wide range of computing and networking support services to the University Community.  Services for students are available through two functional components: Client Care and the Computing Resource Center (CRC). Services for IT staff at the university, collectively known as Provider Services, are available through the Client Care.

In accordance with Penn's computing support model, CSG provides differing sets of services to specific campus constituencies, as shown below.

Faculty and staff

Computing support for faculty and staff is provided by local support providers, as arranged by each school or department.

For a listing of local support providers, please see Support for Faculty, Staff, & Students.

Computing Support Providers (LSPs) and IT Professionals

Those staff who are part of the IT band may utilize all of CSG's relevant services as second-level support on behalf of their designated users.


Student support is determined by residence. Students who reside in Sansom Place or who live off campus may use Client Care as their primary source of computing support.