Connect to Penn

Welcome to Penn! Follow these steps to get your devices ready to use with Penn's networks.

Get Connected

To connect to Penn's wireless network for the first time, first connect to the AirPennNet-Help network, and then open a web browser. You'll be redirected to the XpressConnect application and guided through the setup process to configure your computer for wireless access. Thereafter your computer will automatically connect to the AirPennNet wireless network. You can repeat the process on your smartphones and tablets, too. See this chart for a full list of connectable devices.

Get Protected

Download and install Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) (OS X download, Windows download) free of charge. This will help keep your computer clean and safe from viruses and malware. Penn provides SEP for all current students, faculty, and staff so you never have to worry about purchasing antivirus software. Everyone needs to have antivirus software installed, even on Macs!

Get Free Software

Penn provides a wide range of recommended software for its users. These applications may be useful as you begin your Penn career:

Application Operating System Type Get It
Adium OS X Instant messaging Download
Adobe Reader OS X and Windows PDF reader Download
Flash Player OS X and Windows Flash video player Download
Pidgin Windows Instant Messaging Download
Symantec Endpoint Protection OS X and Windows Antivirus and antimalware

Download for OS X

Download for Windows

Thunderbird OS X and Windows Email and news Download
Windows Automatic Update Service Windows Software updates Download
XpressConnect OS X, Windows, iOS, and Android

Configuration for AirPennNet

(Penn's secure on-campus wireless network)


A full list of Penn's recommended and supported software, including download links, is available here. 

Get Help

Every person at Penn has a designated Local Support Provider (LSP) who can help with your computer problems and questions. To find your LSP, use these lookup tables:

Visit the main page of the Computing Resources site to get information about software and hardware, services, configuration, and much more!