Super User Group Past Presentations (July through December 2012)

December 2012: Michel van der List and Penn's Cloud strategy

  • PennNet Phone updates and the end of traditional phone services - Dawn Augustino (slides)
  • Enhancements to the registration process for AirPennNet-Guest - Mark Wehrle, Jeff Ballentine (slides)
  • An Introduction to Penn's Cloud Strategy - Michel van der List (slides)

November 2012: Ray Davis with plans for the new Data Center on the South Bank

October 2012: Robin Beck's State of Computing at Penn

  • State of Computing at Penn - Robin Beck (slides)

September 2012: School Year Launch/Service Updates/Spring Eval team findings

  • AirPennNet Guest Registration changes - Jeff Ballentine (slides)
  • XpressConnect/AirPennNet-Help updates - Michael McLaughlin (slides)
  • Enterprise Social Networking Evaluation introduction - Mike Lazenka (slides)

August 2012: Deep Dive into supporting Penn+Box

July 2012: Upcoming Information Security Intiatives

  • PennNet Phone updates - Dawn Augustino (slides
  • preliminary service announcement - Adam Preset (slides)
  • Current and Upcoming Information Security Initiatives  - Josh Beeman (slides - redacted)