May 15, 2014Time: 12:00pm - 1:30pm
Location: 306 Sansom Place West (Bits & Pieces room)

Mission Continuity: Third Party Vendors

Please join us for the fifth in a lunchtime learning series on Mission Continuity planning using the BETH3 model. At this lunchtime learning session, we will continue to explore different aspects of the BETH3 model the University recommends for structuring Mission Continuity plans; the next session will be on Third-party vendors or partners. We will discuss what kind of plans you should have, what they should consist of, and how to gather the information you need to include in your plans.  The facilitator for this session will be Anita Gelburd, Project Manager of the University's Mission Continuity Program. We invited Anita to present each of the elements of the BETH3 model in separate sessions over the course of the year so you can learn more about the components of creating a continuity plan. This is an excellent opportunity to gather information to apply to your department's mission continuity efforts and learn about why you should be thinking about the various components of a mission continuity plan. BETH3 is a model for developing comprehensive business continuity plans that take into account how an organization would continue to deliver services in the event of a Building loss, Equipment failure, Technology disruption, illness or other events that affect Human Resources, and service disruption from a 3rd party vendor.

To reserve your seat for this session, please register using Knowledge Link (search for "UP.91028.ITEM.LTLMission").

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