August 19, 2013Time: 10:30am - 12:00pm
Location: Fagin Hall (Nursing)

Tour the Nursing Simulation Lab and Vaddio AV Bridge

The School of Nursing underwent significant technology updates to it's Simulation Lab (Helene Fuld Pavilion for Innovative Learning) and a retro-fit of existing conference rooms with video conferencing capabilities to conference rooms with video and web conference capabilities.

The Helene Fuld Pavilion was transformed into a 9 Room, 32 bed/bay facility.  Each bay in the facility has integrated simulation capture capabilities, as well as an audio visual package that allows an instructor to lecture to students in each bay.  The Fuld Pavilion can accommodate multiple levels of simulation from students check vital signs on each other (Low-Fidelity Simulation) up to  students working in completely simulated environments with advanced patient simulators that can cough, breath, and talk (High Fidelity Simulation).

You are invited to accompany us on this tour, but the Fuld Pavilion will be preparing for the fall semester, so please forgive the inter-semester efforts (mess) that will be happening during the tour.

Event time: 10:30 AM to Noon - Sponsored by AV-SIG

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