Academic Support Films: Online Request Form

Use this form to request Academic Support Films for the PVN Movie Channels.


* We are bound by federal guidelines regarding rebroadcast rights for closed-circuit college campus networks. While our distributors represent most studios, it is possible we may not be able to obtain these rights for some or all of your requests.

* All titles are reserved for one calendar month.
If you do not specify an "air-by" date, we will schedule your title to air in standard rotation throughout the month.
If you do specify an "air-by" date, we will schedule your title to air in rotation prior to that date. (For scheduling a specific air TIME, please contact us at
If you list a movie to air by the first of the month, we will reserve the title for the previous month. For example: If you specify an "air-by" date of March 1 for Hamlet (1949), we will reserve and schedule the title for February so we can schedule showings appropriately.

* All films distributed by Disney and Buena Vista have been pulled from closed-circuit rebroadcast. We are not able to reserve titles from these companies at this time.

Academic Support Films Request Form


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