Use the form below to fill out a PVN Trouble Ticket request. Each ticket is sent to the PVN staff and will be attended to within one business day. Note that submitting a ticket may not necessitate an engineer visiting your room.

IMPORTANT: If you are reporting a specific channel being down, or a widespread signal outage in your floor, house, or campus, please email with the pertinent channel/outage information.


Penn Video Network Trouble Ticket Request Form

Please fill out all of the following information fields.

Your wallplate code is located on your PennNet wallplate; it looks something like GRT 111-1-v1. It is usually located beneath your CATV jack on the wallplate. If you do not see your PVN CATV code, check the Ethernet code, located above the Ethernet jacks. These alphanumeric codes are very similar, except Ethernet codes have a "u1" or "u2" designation, while the PVN CATV code has a "v1" designation on the end.

Choose the description that best describes your issue from those listed below, and hit "Submit Ticket" at the bottom of the form.