Preceptorial Overview

Preceptorials are short, small, non-credit seminars coordinated by the Preceptorials Committee and led by distinguished faculty, outstanding graduate students, lauded external educators and exceptional undergraduate students. The program is designed to foster an interactive and educative environment that values learning for learning's sake. Preceptorials are not graded, so that students are given the opportunity to have a guided learning experience outside the traditional setting of a classroom.

Check out some of the NSO 2015 preceptorials below!

All NSO Preceptorials take place on Sunday, August 23

NSO 2015 Preceptorials

Course ID


Preceptorial Title

Preceptorial Leader(s)

PREC 101.001

5:00-6:00pm, Cohen 402

Crash Course in Sanskirt: the Deva-vani ("Language of the Gods")

Prof. Deven M. Patel, Associate Professor of South Asia Studies

PREC 102.001

4:00-5:00pm, Williams Hall 201

Crash Course in Russian

Dr. Maria Alley, Lecturer & Coordinator in Slavic Languages and Literature

PREC 103.001

3:30-4:30pm, Williams Hall 205


Crash Course Korean


Dr. Ji-Young Jung, Lecturer of Korean Language

PREC 104.001

4:30-6:00pm, Cohen G17

How to Catch a Spy: (Sordid) Tales of Counterespionage

Mr. Mark Castillo & Dr. Frank Plantan,

International Relations Dept.

PREC 105.001

4:00-5:00, ARCH 208

Music and the Brain

Dr. Mike Kaplan, BBB Lab Coordinator

PREC 106.001

3:30-5:30pm, Levine 101 (Wu & Chen auditorium)

Quantum Computer and Information Science

Prof. Max Mintz, Professor of Computer and Information Science

PREC 107.001

3:30-5:30pm, JMHH G55

Smarter Living with Economics

Jose Miguel Abito

PREC 108.001

3:30-5:00pm, ANNS110

The Second World is Coming: Are You Ready?

Dr. James McGann, Senior Lecturer, International Studies, Lauder Institute for Management and International Studies

PREC 109.001


PAACH (Ste G22 in ARCH)

Funny or Not? A Critical Analysis of Contemporary Asian Americans in Entertainment and Standup Comedy

Viraj Patel, Associate Director of PAACH and David Thai, Chair of PEER Mentoring Program

PREC 110.001

3:30-4:30pm, Williams 215

Art and Protest in Putin's Russia: Pussy Riot and Beyond

Dr. Kevin Platt, Professor in Slavic Languages and Literature

PREC 111.001

3:30-5:00pm, College Hall 200

Getting Started in Research

Dr. Ann Vernon-Grey, Associate Director for Undergraduate Research

PREC 112.001

3:30-5:00pm, McNeil 395

Emerging Trends and Future Careers in Biopharmaceutical Research

Dr. Albert Giovenella, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Medicine at University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine

PREC 113.001

3:30-4:30pm, Annenberg School 111


Intro to Penn in Washington: Meet our Faculty!


Dr. Deirdre Martinez, Director of Penn in Washington

PREC 114.001

3:30-5:00pm, Houston Hall 223, Golkin

Leadership Strategies for Freshmen

Mr. Chuck Brutsche, Fox Leadership

PREC 115.001


McNeil 286-7

Discover Eating, Sleeping and Sexual Health at Penn

Ms. Ashlee Halbritter, Health Education, Student Health Services

PREC 116.001


McNeil 286-7

Discover Eating, Sleeping and Sexual Health at Penn

Ms. Ashlee Halbritter, Health Education, Student Health Services

PREC 117.001

3:30-5:00pm, Platt Performing Arts House, Room 182

Music and Mirth: the Traditions and Songs of Our Student Body

Kushol Gupta, Ph.D.,

University of Pennsylvania Band

PREC 118.001


Location: PAC Shop & Iron Gate Theater (Meet in front of Commons)

Behind the Scenes: The Technical Side of Penn Performing Arts

Ariana Martino & Grant Shao, Penn Glee Club members

PREC 119.001

3:30-5:30pm, Annenberg Dance Studio

A Day of Dance: Urban Movement

Strictly Funk

PREC 120.001

4:30-6:00pm, Platt Performing Arts House, Room 175

Dance with Hype!

Martha Ofuani, Vice President of Penn Hype

PREC 121.001

4:00-6:00pm, Hall of Flags, Houston Hall

Introduction to Social Dancing

Dr. Linda Zhao, Professor of Statistics, Wharton School, and Julia Hegarty, President of the Penn Ballroom and Latin Dance Club

PREC 122.001


meet outside of Hill College House

Mask and Wig Presents: Theater at Penn

Zach Shen, Braden Amundsen, Jeremy Golant, Nico Carrino, Mask and Wig

PREC 123.001

3:30-5:30pm, meet outside of ARCH

A Tour of Chinatown

Peter Van Do, Director of PAACH and Tim Lee, PAACH

PREC 124.001

4:00-5:30pm, Annenberg Dance Studio


Bolly X


Meghana Pendurthi, Bolly X Leader


PREC 125.001

3:30-5:00pm, McNeil 110

Read and Taste: Italian Cookbooks from Early Renaissance to Futurism

Andrea Gazzoni, Italian Studies Department

PREC 126.001


Location: Houston Hall 236 - Platt Rehearsal Room

Learn to Bhangra with Penn Dhamaka

Sanjay Kunchakarra