Wednesday February 20, 2013
4:00 P.M.
Bodek Lounge, Houston Hall

The issues submitted for the February 20, 2013 University Council Open Forum are:

  1. Concerns regarding Penn’s commitment to the  Faculty, Staff, Students, and Alumni who live in Penn Alexander catchment  area
    Topic submitted by Michael McGarvey, Associate Professor of Neurology, PSOM

  2. Discussion of partnering with local public schools beyond Penn Alexander
    Topic submitted by Catherine Brinkley, G’16, V’16

  3. Achieving Climate Neutrality
    Topic submitted by Andrew Huemmler, Lecturer, Energy & Sustainability Minor, School of Engineering & Applied Science

  4. A Report from the United Nations Convention on Climate Change Conference of Parties in Doha, Qatar - November 2012.
    Topic submitted by Kensey Berry, C’13

  5. Concerns regarding size of late fees assessed by SFS
    Topic submitted by Jon Newman, L’13

  6. Discussion of Penn's faculty and student diversity initiatives vis-a-vis Arabs, Muslims and South Asians
    Topic submitted by Engy Abdelkader, GL’15

  7. Concerns regarding scheduling limitations on LPS students
    Topic submitted by Alisa Shargorodsky, LPS’13

  8. Exploration of Penn's commitment to sustainable transportation, and what steps are taking towards Penn's mission
    Topic submitted by Chris Cruz, C’13

  9. Proposal for additional ways to promote entrepreneurship at Penn
    Topic submitted by Antoine Saillon, MBA’14

  10. Request that the University divest from fossil fuel companies
    Topic submitted by Sara Allan, C’15

  11. Concerns regarding tuition increases for graduate students
    Topic submitted by Patrick Dooley, MBA’14