Specific Charges for 2011-2012

All Specific Charges are in addition to each committee's "General" Charge in the Council Bylaws

  1. The University puts a high priority on research experience for undergraduates. However the beginning review that CARA undertook last year suggested that there are many unknowns about these opportunities: how many opportunities are available (both through formal programs, like PURM, and through informal mechanisms.)? Be sure to include research settings outside the four undergraduate schools.? Are there students who want such experience but cannot find appropriate opportunities?? Is there a need to encourage more students to become involved in research?? Is there a need for more research opportunities to be offered?? Have research experiences been productive for students given what is expected from them by students, by faculty sponsors, and by administrators? Develop recommendations about possible policy changes or program procedure changes, if needed.?

  3. Review the state of academic integrity procedures at Penn.? There are issues of academic integrity associated with classroom performance (e.g. cheating, plagiarism) and issues associated with research (e.g. human subjects procedures, responsible conduct of research.) The review of academic integrity may include examination of current approaches to educating students and instructors (including TAs) about principles and rules, as well as procedures for reporting and for adjudicating possible integrity violations.? It may be useful to consider both the official framework and actual current practices and experience with regard to academic integrity procedures.? Close coordination with the Office of Student Conduct and of the office charged with human subjects training (Institutional Review Board) may be helpful in this process.? Develop recommendations if appropriate.

  5. Review and discuss the committee’s general charge and identify two or three issues that should be given highest priority for the committee’s work in AY 2012-2013.

Committee Members


Dwight Jaggard


Leo Charney


Ralph Dispigno


Jean Bennet
Paula Henthorn*
Martin Keane
Steve Kimbrough
Mecky Pohlschroder
Tim Rommen

Graduate/professional students:

Yao Peng
Christopher Pupik Dean

Undergraduate students:

Ariel Rosenbaum
Abe Sutton


Debbie Gilad
Jon Shaw*


Suzanne Oh*
Peter Rockett*

*Indicates reappointment as chair or member.