Standing Charge from the Council Bylaws

The Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid shall have cognizance over matters of recruitment, admissions, and financial aid that concern the University as a whole and that are not the specific responsibility of individual faculties. The Committee shall have the authority to carry out studies on existing recruitment and admissions procedures and their relationships with existing policies on admissions and financial aid, and shall be responsible for recommending changes in policy to the Council. The Committee may invite deans, associate deans and others responsible for undergraduate and graduate/professional recruitment, admissions, and financial aid to its meetings to provide information and shall be available to consult with these persons on interpretation of existing policy and application of policy to specific cases.

The Committee shall consist of eight faculty members, one representative of the Penn Professional Staff Assembly, and three senior undergraduate students. The dean of each undergraduate school shall appoint one ex officio, non-voting representative to the Committee. The vice provost for university life or his or her designee, dean of admissions, director of institutional research and analysis, and director of student financial aid are non-voting ex officio members.

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