Specific Charges for 2002-2003

All Specific Charges are in addition to each committee's "General" Charge in the Council Bylaws

1. Continue to monitor the evolution of the Penn Web site, assessing its effectiveness as a communications tool for the various constituencies both inside and outside of the University.

2. Continue to monitor the quality of access to University electronic resources.

3. Investigate means to ameliorate negative impacts of both printed and on-line University directories on personal privacy.

4. Investigate the effectiveness of the recent changes in the University's signage.

5. Examine technical issues and privacy concerns that stand in the way of email communication with various constituencies within the University community and recommend steps to deal with these constraints.

Committee Members

Steven Kimbrough (OPIM)*

Alan Filreis (English)
Steven Kimbrough (OPIM)*
Martin Pring (physio)*
David Reibstein (mktg)
David Smith (anesthesia/med)*
R. Polk Wagner
Karen Winey

Graduate/professional students:
Boulos Harb
Courtney Dewire Michener

Undergraduate students:
Allison Floam (WH/COL’05)
Jacqueline Yecies (COL’05)

Debora Weber (Info Svcs, SOM)

Sylvie Beauvais (hlthcare syst)

Ex officio:
Robi Beck (vice pres, info syst & comp)
Lori Doyle (dir, communications)
Paul Mosher (vice prov & dir, libraries)
Lee Nunery (vp, bus svcs)

*Indicates reappointment as chair or member.