Specific Charges for 2004

All Specific Charges are in addition to each committee's "General" Charge in the Council Bylaws

  1. Examine the availability and capacity of low cost and quick eating options on campus, including, but not limited to, the status of food trucks.

Committee Members

Robert Zemsky (GSE)






Tom Daniels (city & reg plng)
Greg Guild (biology)
David Ludden (history)
Stella Volpe (nursing)
Susan Wachter (real estate fin)
Robert Zemsky (GSE)

Graduate/professional students:

Francis Hult (GSE)
Sonali Madia (Wharton)

Undergraduate students:

Matt Lattman (EAS’04)
Herman Li (COL’05)


Anita Mastroieni (Graduate Student Center)
Nancy McCue (Housing Services)
Joanne Murray (Nursing School Doctoral Programs)


Ian Blake (Cell Ctr)
Loretta Hauber (Weingarten Learning Resources Ctr)

*Indicates reappointment as chair or member.