Specific Charges for 2008-2009

All Specific Charges are in addition to each committee's "General" Charge in the Council Bylaws

  1. In consultation with the working group chaired by Marie Witt, Maureen Rush and Kevin Mahoney, review plans for dealing with problems associated with the closure of the South Street Bridge, including the use of alternative modes of transportation such as bicycles.
  2. Examine the building plans for the east campus expansion and address the needs of all potential users.?
  3. Study the current availability and usage of the green space on campus with the goal of providing a benchmark against which future plans could be compared.
  4. Examine and evaluate issues pertaining to pedestrian and bicycle safety on campus, including frequent sidewalk closures due to construction projects and the use of bicycles on pedestrian walkways.
  5. Review and discuss the committee?s general charge and identify two or three issues that should be given highest priority for the committee?s work in AY 2009-2010.

Committee Members

Chair: Walter Wales






Eugenie Birch

William Braham

Thomas Daniels

Michael McGarvey

Bernard Shapiro

Richard Shlansky- Goldberg

Susan Weiss

Graduate/professional students:

Nikki Thorpe

James Bennett

Undergraduate students:

Elyse Sholk

Lisa Zhu


Laura Foltman

Stephanie Grant


Karima Williams


*Indicates reappointment as chair or member.