Specific Charges for 2001-2002

All Specific Charges are in addition to each committee's "General" Charge in the Council Bylaws

1. Continue to identify alternatives to libraries as study space, for those who do not require access to the libraries' collections.

2. Continue discussions with library staff of the appropriate allocation of resources to digital vs. print media. Incorporate students’ apparent strong preferences for off-site access to digital sources.

3. Monitor improvements in the authentication system.

Committee Members

Ellis Golub (biochem/dental)*

Marjorie Bowman (family practice & med)
Harold Dibble (anthro)
Barry Eichler (Asian & Mid Eastern st)*
Leif Finkel (bioengr)*
Ellis Golub (biochem/dental)*
John H. Holmes (eidemiol/med
Edward Peters (history)*
David Stern (Asian & Mid Eastern st)*

Graduate/professional students:
Hilary Smith (GSAS)
Jennifer Baldwin (GSFA)

Undergraduate students:
Aaron Levy (COL’02)
Vinayak Natarajan (EAS’04)

Deborah Stagg (Wharton Inst Res)

one to be named

Ex officio:
Paul Mosher (vice provost & dir, libraries)*
Edwin Greenlee (assoc dir, Biddle Law Library)

*Indicates reappointment as chair or member.