Specific Charges for 2002-2003

All Specific Charges are in addition to each committee's "General" Charge in the Council Bylaws

1. Analyze the data generated by this year's quality of service survey, and investigate the possibility of other universities' use of this survey.

2. Continue to monitor the impact of the "closed door" policy of various school libraries on the University community.

3. Work with the library staff to investigate how Penn's digital library resources can be strengthened, and the role of the library in the emerging electronic classroom.

4. Investigate means by which the University can help to foster the development of Electronic Journals.

5. Evaluate the outcome of specialized library reviews that may be completed this year.

6. Investigate the problem of plagiarism resulting from the easy access to texts on the World Wide Web.

Committee Members

Edward Peters (history)

Marjorie Bowman (family practice & med)*
Harold Dibble (anthro)*
Barry Eichler (Asian & Mid Eastern st)*
John H. Holmes (eidemiol/med*
Max Minz (CIS)
Edward Peters (history)*
David Stern (Asian & Mid Eastern st)*

Graduate/professional students:
Johanna Jacobsen
Victoria Lilga

Undergraduate students:
Semanti Datta (WH?05)
Suzanne Friedman (COL'03)

Deborah Stagg (Wharton Inst Res)*

Sylvie Beauvais (health care syst)

Ex officio:
Paul George (dir, Biddle Law Library)
Paul Mosher (vice provost & dir, libraries)*

*Indicates reappointment as chair or member.