Specific Charges for 2010-2011

All Specific Charges are in addition to each committee's "General" Charge in the Council Bylaws

  1. Review the requirements of Health Care Reform and consider needed changes in University benefits.
  1. Continue to develop proposals for changes in the tuition assistance program for employees pursuing coursework inside and outside the University.
  1. Continue to review benefit plan provisions and evaluate any potential changes to support special needs. In this context, review coverage of services for children with a diagnosis on the autism spectrum.
  1. Review the policy that makes certain prescribed medical services unavailable through in-network sources and effectively requires that they be purchased from out-of-network suppliers.? Use of out-of-network services entails both higher co-pays and falls under deductible requirements. ?In this situation such add-on costs do not reflect a choice by users to go out of network, but a choice by Penn not to contract with any supplier.
  1. Review whether to request that Human Resources staff consult with the Committee when making decisions about whether to comply with state mandates which are optional for the University.
  1. Continue to monitor the effectiveness of Aetna?s disease management procedures.
  1. Explore the possibility of providing health advocates/patient navigators as a benefit for employees.
  1. Explore the possibility of raising the maximum annual dental benefit, so that the dental plan would function more like insurance to cover high costs.
  1. Review and discuss the committee?s general charge and identify two or three issues that should be given highest priority for the committee?s work in AY 2011-2012.

Committee Members


David Pope


Susan Sproat
Jack Heuer


 Amy Coe


Tom Baker
Ed Boe*
William Dailey
Howard Goldfine*
Scott Harrington *
Ingrid Waldron*
Barbra Wall*

Graduate/professional students:


Undergraduate students:



Victoria Mulhern*
Eleanor Rupsis
Jared Susco


Erin Lemons
Peter Rockett*
Linda Satchell*

*Indicates reappointment as chair or member.