Specific Charges for 2002-2003

All Specific Charges are in addition to each committee's "General" Charge in the Council Bylaws

1. Complete the work begun by the Minority Retention Subcommittee of 2000-2001: gather relevant data, including relevant data that may be available from the joint faculty/administration Committee on Minority Faculty Equity, hold focus groups, etc., and determine what is being done and what should be done to strengthen minority retention.

2. Encourage and monitor follow-up on the 2000-2001 Social Interaction Subcommittee's recommendations regarding interaction across student groups.

Committee Members

Dennis Culhane (social work)

Julie Fairman (nursing) *
Dennis Culhane (social work) *
Camille Charles (sociol) *
Portonovo Ayyaswamy (mech engr) *
Howard Goldfine (microbio/med) *
Gino Segre (physics & astron) *
Oscar Gandy (communica)
Sampath Kannan (CIS)

Graduate students:
Louise Chen
Christina Fradelos

Undergraduate students:
Rebecca Kaplan (WH’05)
Eugena Oh (COL’03)
Cassie Pittman (COL’05)

Pamela Robinson (Col Houses & Acad Svcs)*
one to be named

Linda Satchell (OAA)
Emily Damanskis (IHGT)

Ex officio:
Jeanne Arnold (dir, African American Resource Ctr)*
Elena DiLapi (dir, Penn Women’s Ctr)*
Joyce Randolph (dir, intl prog)*
Scott Reikofski (dir, fraternity/sorority affrs)*
Bob Schoenberg (dir, lesbian gay bisexual transgender ctr)*
Terri White (dir, academic support programs)*

*Indicates reappointment as chair or member.