Specific Charges for 2003-2004

All Specific Charges are in addition to each committee's "General" Charge in the Council Bylaws

1. Continue to evaluate the role of Penn’s College House system in integrating academic and student life programs and services.

2. Investigate mechanisms by which some form of oversight can be instituted on non-affiliated student groups on campus.

3. Evaluate the efficacy of the advising network available to undergraduates.

4. Examine ways in which the University residences can be made fully smoke-free.

5. Review Spring Fling.

Committee Members

David Brownlee (hist art)

Zoltan Domotor (philos) *
Laurie Loevner (radiol/med) *
Arnold J. Rosoff (legal studies) *
Jorge Santiago-Aviles (elec engr) *
Diane Spatz (nursing) *
David Brownlee (art hist)
Ann Brownlee (art hist)
one to be named

Graduate students:
Kevin Collins (GSE)
Jason Goh (Wharton)
Grace Sheih (Wharton)

Undergraduate students:
Morgan Mallory (COL’05)
Shawn Puri (COL’06)
Darcy Richie (COL’04)

Katherine Lowe (Ware College House)
Lynn Rotoli (Housing Svcs)*

Ex officio:
Robert Alvarez (chair, GAPSA)
Terry Conn (VPUL)*
William Gipson (Univ. chaplain)*
Jason Levy (chair, UA)
Philip Nichols (dir, College Houses & acad svcs)*
Ilene Rosenstein (dir, Counseling & psychological svcs)

*Indicates reappointment as chair or member.