Specific Charges for 2002-2003

All Specific Charges are in addition to each committee's "General" Charge in the Council Bylaws

1. In conjunction with the Committee on Facilities, investigate how the University can promote pedestrian safety in the campus area.

2. Investigate mechanisms by which the regulations concerning bicycles on campus can be effectively enforced.

3. The committee should continue to give special attention to issues concerning the safety of women on campus.

4. Continue to evaluate University programs for educating international students about appropriate safety precautions in an American urban environment.

Committee Members

David P. Pope (materials sci)

Laura Balcer (neurol/med)
Charles Bridges (surgery/med)
Elizabeth Datner (emergency med)
John Lepore (systems engr)*
Terri Lipman (nursing)*
Richard Miselis (animal biology/vet)
David Pope (materials sci & engr)*
Flaura Winston (pediatrics)*

Graduate students:
Manyee Chan
Sheen Levine
Scott Stephens

Undergraduate students:
Kate Johnson (COL’05)
Sheryl Kass (COL’03)
Joanne Talle (COL’04)

Kristin McJunkins (Col)
Adam Sherr (Nurs)*

Emily Damanskis (IHGT)
one to be named

Ex officio:
Jeanne Arnold (dir, African American Resource ctr)*
Patricia Brennan (dir, special svcs)
Terry Conn (VPUL)*
Elena DiLapi (dir, Penn Women’s ctr)*
Mihaela Farcas (dir, off-campus living)*
Robert Furniss (dir, trans & mail svcs)*
Scott Reikofski (dir, fraternity/sorority affrs)*
Maureen Rush (vp, public safety)*

*Indicates reappointment as chair or member.