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General Diploma Information

The University of Pennsylvania diploma has been printed in Latin since its first graduating class in 1757.

The size of the current diploma is 9 5⁄8 inches by 12 1⁄4 inches.

Diplomas are issued three times each year, in May, August and December. The diplomas of May graduates are mailed in July, the diplomas of August graduates are mailed in October and the diplomas of December graduates are mailed in February. To arrange pick-up or expedited mailing of your diploma, please contact Kimberly Wing at 215.898.3553 or

For the name you select to be printed on your diploma, the first and last names must match the first and last names that have been registered with Penn. If the name being requested for the diploma differs significantly from the name on the official student record, a name change request must be submitted to the University Registrar, 221 Franklin Building. If you request a name for your diploma that does not match your registered name with the University and do not submit the name change prior to the diploma printing, your registered name will be printed on your diploma. No additional titles, such as Esq. or Dr. etc, will be permitted on the diploma.

Diplomas issued with errors will be replaced free of charge provided that the diploma office is notified within one year of conferral date. The original diploma must be returned before the reprinted one is sent out.

Please note that the University does not issue electronic diplomas.


Replacement Diplomas and Diploma Translations

A replacement diploma will be issued upon request, and can be ordered online or with an application form. Penn does not issue duplicate or electronic copies of diplomas. A replacement displays the signatures of the current officials but shows the original date of graduation. A statement reading “Replacement Diploma Issued on (Month, Date, Year)” will be printed at the bottom of the diploma to indicate that it is not an original. The fee for a replacement diploma is $100, and the processing time is between six and eight weeks.

The name printed on the replacement will be the name from your original diploma. If you have legally changed your name, please order your replacement using the paper form and send it in with a copy of the documentation verifying your name change.

A general diploma translation can be found online. You can also request a notarized translation that includes your name, degree and graduation date.

Please complete the form to request a replacement diploma to order a diploma or the form to request a diploma translation to order a diploma translation.


Verification of Graduation  

The Office of the University Registrar provides a number of services to verify a student's status. Information about verifying degrees, ordering transcripts and academic certification can be found at

The Office of the University Secretary offers a letter of certification, for a fee, which will verify the name of the graduate, degree conferred and date of conferral. The letter is signed by the Vice President & University Secretary, notarized and embossed with the University seal.

Please complete the form to request a letter of certification to order a letter confirming your graduation.


Certification of Documents   (Apostille/State Seal)

The Office of the University Secretary can assist with the verification of diplomas and transcripts by notarizing the document or aiding with an Apostille.

To request a notarized diploma or transcript, please complete the form to request the notarization of University documents. Send this form in with the documents to be notarized and a $15 payment.

An Apostille is a seal used by countries within the Hague Convention to assess the authenticity of a signature. A Department of State Certification performs a similar duty for a group of other countries. The Office of the University Secretary can assist in preparation for either seal. The University charges a flat $15 processing fee, while the State charges $15 per document sealed. This process usually takes 3 to 4 weeks. To request assistance, please complete the form to request an Apostille, the appropriate fees and the document (s) requiring the seal.


Contact Information

For additional information about any of the services above, please contact:
Kimberly Wing
Administrative Coordinator for Ceremonies and Diplomas
Office of the University Secretary
University of Pennsylvania
1 College Hall Room 211
Philadelphia PA 19104-6303
Phone: 215-898-3553
Fax: 215-898-0103

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