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Scholarly Research

 alt The Sanitation Environment in Urban Slums:
Implications For Child Health
alt Sanitation for Unserved Populations: Technologies, Implementation Challenges, and Opportunities
Paper by Penn postdoctoral fellow Dr. Alison Buttenheim, which investigates the effects of improved sanitation on child health in Bangladesh. Details the various technologies available in the fight to provide worldwide complete sanitation.
alt The Sanitation Imperative: A Strategic Response to a Development Crisis  alt  UN-Water Global Annual Assessment of Sanitation and Drinking-Water (GLAAS)
Explains how improved sanitation could drastically change infant mortality rates, education, and general health in areas that lack access to proper facilities.   Report by the World Health Organization on water and sanitation levels worldwide.                            

Sanitation and Disease

alt Global Health alt Healthmap
This database is an excellent resource for information on international public health issues. Try a search for “water and sanitation” to read case studies and articles about the many diseases that originate from unclean water.  Click the PennText button to view the full text. View disease outbreaks around the world through this Google Map application. In addition to official news reports, user submitted information is also included in the data.  Click on any of the pushpins to view more information and related articles.

Sanitation History

alt The History of Sanitary Sewers alt Philadelphia H20
This resource outlines the history of sewers and sewage systems, including a  16th century set of instructions on how to build a sort of flush toilet (possibly the first ever), presented as a fictional letter excerpted from Sir John Harington's "A New Discourse on a Stale Subject... " Learn about our region’s water history through this website, organized by a consultant to the Philadelphia Water Department.

Sanitation Isn’t All Fun and Games

alt Movies with Significant Bathroom Scenes alt Water Aid America
View this online list of films where a significant scene occurs in a bathroom. Movies on this list are available for checkout from the Penn Libraries.          These resources help children learn the importance of sanitation and the consequences of poor waste disposal.