PEER Values


One of the unique aspects of the PEER mentoring program is its emphasis on service.

During the spring semester, mentees work in collaboration with each other on a service project, targeting a specific Asian Pacific American issue that they are interested in. Under the guidance of mentor project leaders, mentees are able to hold speaker events, create poster campaigns, film documentaries, lead discussions, and much more. Mentees will be able to focus on issues that they feel passionate about. Past projects have addressed the model minority myth, self-segregation, the Bamboo Ceiling, and intergenerational gaps.
Throughout the academic year, PEER holds workshops and discussion-based events that help mentees better understand the challenges that Asian Pacific Americans face in the community and encourage them to take the initiative in solving these problems. PEER mentors are enthusiastic about discussing current events, as well talking with mentees about their own personal experiences.

PEER hopes that the program will help future campus leaders develop a greater awareness of APA topics and promote community-wide action to create a better environment for Asian Pacific Americans.


Being at Penn, of course academics are important. However, it is still like any other college--having a social life is essential as well. As a freshman it may seem like a frightening and confusing scene. You may find yourself asking questions such as "Will I fit in a Penn?, How will I make new friends?, or Where do I go to party?"

By being a member of PEER you will be able to answer these questions and  put your mind at ease. Another wonderful aspect of PEER is its focus on helping incoming freshmen adjust to the social life at Penn. As a PEER mentee you immediately have a group of supportive friends to introduce you to and go to a variety of Penn events with you. Even better, these are some of the people who may become your closest friends throughout your college experience.

We organize many social events throughout the year such as:

  • Attend performing arts shows (dance, acapella, etc.)
  • Attend culture shows by different cultural groups
  • Ice skating
  • Movie nights
  • Game nights
  • Bubble tea hangouts


PEER_2010_3.jpgOne of PEER's goals is to help new students build the foundation during their first year to become future leaders at Penn.  We recruit mentors who are established leaders on Penn's campus to help guide PEER mentees.  Current mentors chosen for the 2014-2015 include students from all four schools at Penn (College of Arts and Sciences, School of Engineering, School of Nursing, and Wharton).

PEER mentors hold leadership positions in many of the major campus organizations including the Asian Pacific Student Coalition, the Civic House Associates Coalition, Penn Undergraduate Assembly, the Asian Pacific Leadership Initiative, Penn Masala, Penn Undergraduate Biotech Society, Wharton Trading Group, Penn Speaks for Autism, Chinese Student Associate, Vietnamese Students' Association, Taiwanese Student Association, Penn Women's Center, Peers Helping Incoming New Students, Penn Band, College Houses Board, United Minorities Council, Social Planning and Events Committee, Queer Alliance/LGBT Center, various sports teams, alpha Kappa Delta Phi sorority, Sigma Psi Zeta sorority, Lamda Phi Epsilon fraternity, Phi Gamma Nu fraternity, and many more.

In addition to providing leadership training through our mentor community, PEER also hosts a series of leadership workshops throughout the school year.  Past workshops have focused on topics including public speaking, time management, and resume building.  During our public speaking workshop, PEER tries to help members become more confident speakers through a series of fun exercises, while at our time management workshop, PEER invites career counseling services to come speak about how to become a good time manager early on in the school year.  Leadership workshops are led by PEER board, mentors and staff we invite from around the Penn community.